12 June 2024
Exporting Universal Analytics data: dimensions and metrics in the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-On

Exporting Universal Analytics data with the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-On but unsure what dimensions and metrics to select?

4 June 2024
Creating engagement metrics in Mixpanel

How to create three engagement metrics in Mixpanel: Average Length of Session, Page Views Per Session, and Sessions Per User.

11 April 2024
How to exclude a subdomain from GA4 (three ways)

How do you exclude a subdomain from your GA4 reporting? Here I look at three methods, including blocking triggers in GTM.

3 April 2024
Does Google Ads Website Call Conversion Tracking change button numbers?

Google Ads Website Call Conversion Tracking changes website phone numbers to tracked numbers. What about click-to-call buttons?

25 March 2024
Nameserver (NS) records not fully propagating? Try updating the primary domain

If DNS search engines are showing that your NS records are not fully propagating, there might be an easy solution.

13 March 2024
Google's Privacy & Messaging Tool: How to find the TC String

How to find the TC String on a site that uses Google's Privacy & Messaging Tool, a CMP built into AdSense, Ad Manager and AdMob.

6 March 2024
ACF escaping unsafe HTML - how to identify affected pages

If ACF is showing a notice in WordPress about escaping unsafe HTML, you'll want to know what pages are affected and how.

25 February 2024
How to filter Mixpanel reports by day of the week

Want to filter out days of the week from your Mixpanel insights report? Here's how to do it with a custom event property.

4 February 2024
Using Google Search Console to see if Google AdsBot is getting 403 errors

Is Google's AdBot forbidden from seeing some of your site's pages? Here's how to find out using Google Search Console.

19 January 2024
Downloading and opening EML (.eml) files in Gmail

EML is a text format for emails with the file extension .eml. Here's how to download or open a .eml file in Gmail's web client.

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