About Technically Product

11 August 2018

Technically Product is run by me, James Clark. I have a background in digital product management and have always worked on my own projects on the side. Over the years these have included a blog about language use, a travel and tourism website for the United Kingdom's cathedral cities, and a craft beer account on Instagram.

An interpretation of me

It's always the more technical elements that have interested me the most, from learning HTML and CSS to getting to grips with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These are things that any product manager would benefit from understanding thoroughly, but it's difficult to find the time to do so when stakeholders need managing and backlogs need grooming.

This site, then is a personal record of the things I have learned and a means to share some of them with the wider community. It is also itself a product, which makes it an opportunity to tinker with technology old and new. For example it is built with WordPress (which I have used before) and the Oxygen 2 website builder (which I have not).

Contact me

I am available for freelance work, so feel free to email me at james@technicallyproduct.co.uk, get in touch on LinkedIn or message me on Twitter @technicallyprod.


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