About Technically Product

Technically Product is entirely written by me, James Clark. After spending 15 years in a range of editorial, marketing, product and analytics roles, I became a freelance web analyst in 2020. That means I'm available to help you with your project!

This website should give you a fair idea of my skills, but particular areas of focus include:

  • Web analytics (marketing and product analytics)
  • Tagging/event tracking using Google Tag Manager
  • Ad operations from the publisher side with Google Ad Manager
  • WordPress website optimisation
  • SEO

My work

I support a range of companies with their analytics and SEO including film production company River Film. I am also fractional Head of Analytics for event tech experts Inconf.

I write about digital marketing and analytics, both here and as an expert contributor to the Wix SEO Learning Hub.

I am a volunteer community champion for Mixpanel and can often be found on the Mixpanel Slack workspace answering questions about the tool.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me using the form below. Alternatively, email me at james@technicallyproduct.co.uk, get in touch on LinkedIn or message me on Twitter @technicallyprod.


James Clark
Hi! I'm James Clark and I'm a freelance web analyst from the UK. I'm here to help with your analytics, ad operations, and SEO issues.
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