About Technically Product

Technically Product is run by me, James Clark. I've spent 15 years working in a range of editorial, marketing, product and analytics roles - both in-house and as a consultant. I'm currently Head of Analytics at event services company Inconf.

This website should give you a fair idea of my skills and interests, but my particular areas of focus include:

  • Web analytics including implementation
  • Ad operations (from the publisher side)
  • SEO
  • WordPress website optimisation
  • Social media and social automation
  • Writing technical guides

I hope the content of my site proves useful to you and your business.

Contact me

Please use the form below to send me a message. Alternatively you can email me at james@technicallyproduct.co.uk, get in touch on LinkedIn or message me on Twitter @technicallyprod.


James Clark
Hi! I'm James Clark and this is my website. I publish all my guides completely free, so if you find them useful then please:
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