Exporting viewing figures for more than 500 YouTube videos (using Google Data Studio)

PUBLISHED 3 Nov 2019 - UPDATED 15 Aug 2023

If you run a YouTube channel, YouTube Analytics (now sitting within YouTube Studio Beta) is an easy way to see how many views each of your videos has had within a given time period. However it only shows the top 50 results. What if you want to see figures on the top 500 videos, or maybe even more than that?

Top 50

First, let's start with how to view your top 50 most viewed videos in YouTube Analytics.

  1. Log in to the Google account associated with your YouTube channel
  2. Go to https://studio.youtube.com/
  3. Click on Analytics in the menu in the left-hand sidebar
  4. The 'Overview' tab and the 'Views' metric should already be selected. Click on the blue SEE MORE link immediately below the graph

YouTube channel analytics

  1. Your channel analytics should pop out, showing your top 50 videos most viewed videos in the default time period ('Last 28 days')
  2. Feel free to change the time period using the date picker in the top right

Top 500

  1. Still in your YouTube channel analytics, click on the 'Export current view' icon in the very top right (it looks like a down arrow with a line underneath it)

Export current view

  1. Select either Google Sheets (new tab) or Comma-separated values (.csv) as you prefer
  2. If you choose 'Comma-separated values (.csv)', you will download a .zip file which you wil need to unzip
  3. Both the Google Sheet and the 'video.csv' file (within the downloaded zip) will list not your top 50 but your top 500 most-viewed videos within the time period

This is all well and good, but what if you are a prolific creator and your channel has more than 500 videos?

More than 500

This is where Google Data Studio comes to your aid. Using this free tool, you can create a dashboard that lets you display and export data on all of your videos. Here's how.

  1. Still logged into your Google account, go to Google Data Studio (https://datastudio.google.com/)
  2. In the top left corner, click on Create then Report
  3. You have a blank report! You will be prompted to 'Add a date source'. Click CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE in the bottom right
  4. In the grey search box, search for 'YouTube'
  5. Hover over 'YouTube Analytics', click the blue SELECT button and then AUTHORIZE
  6. Choose your Google account and YouTube channel when prompted, then ALLOW, CONNECT and finally ADD TO REPORT (twice)
  7. You're now back at your blank report. This time, however, it includes a small blue table with some data from YouTube videos in it. The table has the dimension 'Video Title' and the metric 'Average View Percentage'. That's not what we want!
  8. Make sure the table is selected (it should be, but left-click on it if not), then in the menu on the right click Add metric
  9. Search for 'views' and then select the green 'Views' metric - it will appear in your table
  10. Still in the 'Metric' options, hover over 'Average View Percentage' and click the small 'X' button to remove this metric

Remove metric Data Studio

  1. The table will change to show you the videos with the highest views rather than the highest average view percentage
  2. Now we just need a way to choose a date range. In the main navigation menu, select Insert > Date Range and then click on your report to add your date picker to it
  3. You're all done building your report! Now to get your data. Click View in the top right
  4. Choose your date range...
  5. Hover over your table, and you will see a small icon with three dots in a vertical line. Left click on this, and then select Download CSV or Export to Sheets. Alternatively you can right click on the table itself, which should bring up the same menu

Data Studio table menu icon

  1. This download will list not just 500 videos but ALL videos to have received views in your chosen time frame

There is a lot more you can do with your report - not least add other useful metrics and then export that data too. But hopefully this will be enough to get you started. Happy analysing and don't forget to give your report a name!

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2 years ago

Thanks, but when I click the ... in the last step I don't see any option to "Download". I just see "Select, cut, copy, paste and some other unrelated things"

2 years ago
Reply to  James Clark

Think I figured it out. Had to click the blue "View" button to switch to "Edit" mode. Then the option came up. So opposite for me..

Nguyen Anh Tuan
Nguyen Anh Tuan
2 years ago

Thank you, I want to know how to export revenue of more than 500 videos, because it seems to not have "revenue" field in data studio?

1 year ago

How do I basically summarize all of the views for the video while being able to see the video's publishing date in the report?

1 year ago

I'm trying to get CTR and avg. % viewed from the Google Data Studio tool but I don't see those fields available like I do in YouTube analytics through the studio portal.

Any thoughts?

10 months ago

Hi James, thanks for the guide. Any idea why there are no revenue-related metrics available to include, or better yet, how I can add them?

James Clark
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