Sitting the Google Analytics GAIQ exam? Here are a couple of things to watch out for

27 July 2019

I recently retook the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) exam because my certification had expired. This second time round, I noticed a couple of oddities with the 70-question multiple-choice exam that I thought were worth sharing.

Duplicate answers

GAIQ duplicate answers

Here you will see that two of the four possible answers are identical. This actually happened to me twice during the exam. Both times the duplicate answers were incorrect (which I hope is not too much of a spoiler), but what would happen if the correct answer was duplicated? Would only one of them be counted as the true 'correct' answer?

'All of the above'

GAIQ all of the above

So one of the possible answers to this question is 'All of the above'. But this answer is listed first, above the others, so it would have been more accurate to say 'All of the below'! I assume the order of the possible answers is randomised, leading to oddities like this (if so, options such as 'All of the above' should really be excluded from the randomisation).

If you are about to site the GAIQ exam, best of luck and I hope this has helped you to feel a little more prepared.

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