Transferring ether from Cent to Uphold

4 July 2020

The first time I ever earned any cryptocurrency was on the social media network Cent. Cent is as much a blogging platform as anything, with users tipping each other in ether for their posts and comments. (Ether, or ETH, is the cryptocurrency for the ethereum network.)

The second time I ever earned any cryptocurrency was through the browser Brave. Brave rewards users with a token called BAT for opting in to privacy-respecting ads - and rewards creators for showing those ads on their sites.

I also followed Brave's recommended process and connected my browser to the digital wallet service Uphold. This let me access my BAT in Uphold (where I could convert it to a fiat currency and transfer it to my bank account if I wished).

This left me with some BAT in Uphold and some ether still in my Cent account. Could I transfer my ether into Uphold too and consolidate all of my crypto in one place? The answer is yes - and for anyone, like me, who is starting to dabble in cryptocurrency, here's how. I'm assuming that you already have a Cent account (with some ether in it) and an Uphold account.

Create an ether card in Uphold

Before you can transfer your ether from Cent, you will need an Uphold 'Money Card' to transfer it to. (Just like a real-world wallet, your Uphold wallet contains a set of cards to send and receive payments. Uphold also seems to use the words 'card' and 'account' interchangeably, so it is easy to get confused by terminology.) Here's an example of some cards in an Uphold account:

Cards in Uphold wallet

You can see that each card has its own currency, and in this case you want your card to be ether to match the currency you have in Cent. (You could transfer your Cent ether into a Uphold wallet of a different currency, but let's keep things as simple as possible.)

Your Uphold wallet comes with a number of different cards by default, including a bitcoin (BTC) one, but not an ether one. So you will need to create it. Fortunately this is quick and simple when logged into Uphold on desktop - at the moment it does not seem possible to create a new card in the Uphold mobile app.

  1. Log into Uphold on desktop
  2. Click on +Add card/currency in the top right
  3. Give your card a NAME and choose a CURRENCY of 'Ether ETH'. Click CREATE

Add new card in Uphold

Create your crypto address

In order to receive a payment to your new card, you will need a 'crypto address', also called a 'receiving address', 'public address' or simply 'address'. As we are dealing in ether here, you will see that Cent refers to it as an 'ether address'.

Whatever it is called, it is a unique identifier in alphanumeric format (ie it's a string of letters and numbers). You can think of it a bit like a bank account number. You don't need to keep it private as it is not possible to steal cryptocurrency with a receiving address alone.

  1. As soon as you create your new card in Uphold, you will be taken to the ADD FUNDS page (you can access this at other times by clicking on the card in your wallet and then clicking ADD FUNDS in the top right)
  2. Click Fund with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token
  3. Click Ether (ETH)
  4. You will see a message: "Ethereum Network: This card does not have a crypto address." Click GENERATE ADDRESS

Straight away you will see your receiving address as both a string of letters and numbers, and as a QR code. It's the string of letters and numbers that we will need.

Ether address and QR code

Now over to Cent to make the payment...

Make the payment in Cent

  1. Log in to Cent and click on the Dashboard symbol (second from the left at the top)
  2. The dashboard will show your current balance, in your choice of USD or ETH. Immediately under this, click Transfer
  3. Select From CENT to WEB3 WALLET and click NEXT

From Cent to Web3 Wallet

  1. Choose the amount your wish to transfer (in USD or ETH). In the 'ether address' field, paste in your address from Uphold
  2. Hit SUBMIT

Now there's nothing to do but wait! Although Cent says that "Funds will arrive in 1 day", don't panic if they haven't arrived in exactly 24 hours. My first payment from Cent to Uphold was made on a Monday evening and arrived on the Wednesday afternoon.

You can keep an eye on your pending transaction within Cent itself. At the bottom of the Transfer screen is a Transfer History section. Click on your 'Cent Withdrawal' and you can see if your transaction is Confirmed or still Pending (as shown below).

And don't take this is gospel, but the transaction appears to be fee-free. As a test I transferred 0.044 ETH from Cent to Uphold: I now have exactly 0.044 ETH in Uphold.

Pending transaction in Cent

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