How to raise a Freshdesk support ticket... about Freshdesk

PUBLISHED 22 Feb 2020

Freshdesk is my helpdesk software of choice, and I use it in my day job to manage support requests from a busy sales team. However occasionally I need to raise a support ticket of my own about Freshdesk (regarding pricing or packages, for example), and I always forget how to do this. More often than once I have ended up raising a ticket in my own agent portal - which has then been assigned to me to resolve!

It's also a tricky thing to Google, because searching for content about raising a support ticket to Freshdesk Support brings back lots of results about raising tickets in Freshdesk generally. Two different things with a lot of the same key words and phrases...

So as an aide memoire more than anything, here's how to raise a support ticket about Freshdesk rather than just in Freshdesk.

Using email

The simplest way is to email with your request. A ticket will be logged in your name and you will receive any replies to that ticket by email too.

Using the support portal

When you raise a ticket by email, you'll receive an automated reply containing a link to that ticket within the Freshdesk support portal. You can also access the support portal at any time by visiting Once you have logged in, you will be able to see all active and historic support tickets that you have raised.

However it is not so obvious how to create a new ticket in the support portal. Freshdesk explains:

The Create New Ticket option on Freshdesk Support Portal has been replaced with the Ask Frank option. Frank is a friendly support bot who is new in town and would support you with your queries. You would also have an option within Frank to raise a New Support Ticket.

I can't really find any other references to Frank (in fact, he is only mentioned in the one Help article I've quoted from and linked to above). That's probably a good thing, seeing as 'Talk to Frank' is an anti-drugs website here in the UK! However the way to raise a ticket within the support portal seems to be as follows:

  1. Click on the small green 'Help' icon (in the bottom right on desktop)
  2. Click on 'Get in touch' and fill in the form that appears - then click 'Submit'

Freshdesk get in touch

The form also appears if you click on 'Help', view an article and then click the button at the bottom of it to indicate that it is 'Not helpful'.


Although it is possible to raise a ticket through the support portal, it involves a few steps (logging in, completing a form). So the quickest and most convenient way to raise a ticket with Freshdesk about Freshdesk is just to use email...

That's not to dismiss the support portal entirely! It remains useful as a place to find and refer back to all your past requests, rather than having to search back through old emails.

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