How to schedule SiteGround automated backups for a specific time of day

PUBLISHED 9 May 2023 - UPDATED 15 Aug 2023

If you host your website with SiteGround and want your daily backups to happen at a certain time each day, this how-to guide is for you.

SiteGround automated backups

You may know that website host SiteGround automatically takes a backup of your site every day. This is great for peace of mind as you can always roll back to a previous version in case of any problem. SiteGround keeps these so-called automated or 'system' backups for 30 days for Shared plans, and seven days for Cloud plans.

But there's no option to tell SiteGround to take its automated backup at a particular time each day. This could be useful for a site that gets updated every day - a news site, for example. In this scenario the site owner might want SiteGround to take its backup before the start of the working day, or perhaps at the end.

Choosing a time of day

Good news - despite the lack of setting, it is possible to get SiteGround to make its automated backups at a particular time. Simply take a manual backup at the time you want the automated backups to kick in. Your next automated backup will happen exactly 24 hours after that, then again another 24 hours later, and so on.

This is a very straightforward process:

  1. Log into SiteGround
  2. Go to Websites > Site Tools
  3. Go to Security > Backups
  4. Enter a Backup Name
  5. Click Create

SiteGround Security Backups


In the following screengrab, you can see that my automated or system backups were taking place every day at 8:42pm. I then made a manual backup at 4:18pm on 5 May, and the following automated backup happened at 4:18pm on 6 May (24 hours later). From then on my automated backups took place at 4:18pm every day:

SiteGround backups

Remember that if you then take another manual backup for whatever reason, it will effectively reset the automated backup time! So you might need to take one more manual backup just to set the time back to the start or the end of the day.

If you're looking for a decent web host for your WordPress site, I recommend SiteGround. I've used them for a few years and found them to be reliable and responsive. Feel free to use my SiteGround signup link

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