Verifying a website with Brave Rewards by adding a TXT record in Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Brave is an innovative web browser that allows users to accrue and then tip publishers with a cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token). If you are a content creator with your own website, you will probably want to verify that site with Brave Rewards so that you can start collecting contributions from your readers.

Verification is relatively straightforward, with several options including the use of a dedicated WordPress plugin. However if your site is not built with WordPress, or it is but you don't wish to add another plugin (I feel you!), then a good alternative is to add a TXT record to your DNS configuration. However the instructions provided by Brave Rewards during this process are not quite as comprehensive as they could be, especially if you are not very familiar with DNS settings, so I hope the following explanation helps clarify things.

The first few steps are the same no matter what verification method you plan to use:

  1. Sign up for an account on the Brave Rewards Creators website
  2. Click on Add Channel in the website header
  3. Click on Website
  4. Enter the domain (no need to include https:// or www.)

No Plugin Baby

If your site is built with WordPress, Brave will detect this and assume you want to use the plugin verification method. Click on Choose Different Verification Method in the top right and then select I'll edit my DNS record. Otherwise, just select I'll edit my DNS record.

At this stage, Brave will provide you with the instruction "Copy and paste the info below into the zone file for using your DNS host's control panel". As you can see, the info given is for for two fields - Type and Value (or TXT Value / Data):

Brave verification values

Now it's time to add your DNS record. If, like me, you use cPanel, then the utility you need is 'Advanced DNS Zone Editor'. Click on this within cPanel (it may well be in the DOMAINS subsection), and then select your domain from the drop-down.

And we've reached the confusing bit - in Advanced DNS Zone Editor, the 'Add a Record' section contains four mandatory fields - Name, TTL, Type and Address:

Add DNS record

But Brave has only provided values for two fields, only one of which is listed in 'Add a Record'! The first thing to do is change the 'Type' field from 'A' to 'TXT'. This will replace the 'Address' field with a field called 'TXT Data'. You can now paste in the Value from Brave into this field.

That leaves Name and TTL to complete. For Name, just put your naked or root domain name (that is, your domain without the preceding www). It doesn't matter if you already have a TXT record with this Name - you can have more than one.

TTL stands for Time To Live and is the number of seconds that the record will be cached by a DNS server. Set this to 30 initially, and once everything is working you can go back and increase it to something like 43200 (12 hours).

So to recap, you will end up with the following settings:

TTL: 30
Type: TXT
TXT Data: (The value provided to you by Brave)

Click Add Record and you should see your new record appear in the 'Zone File Records' section of Advanced DNS Zone Editor. You will see that a full stop has been added to the end of the 'Name' value but that's OK and nothing to worry about.

Now back on the BAT website, click Verify DNS Record. For me, verification happened instantly, but Brave does warn that it could take 24 hours... so be patient.

Introduction to Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards from Brave on Vimeo.

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2 years ago

Thanks a lot for making this. This worked W/OUT A FLAW. Perfect directions

1 year ago

thank you so much, you really helped me today with this!

chandrabhan khatri
6 months ago

thank you

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