If you are running a website, there are three kinds of email to think about:

First is your one-to-one email, for which you may want to set up a custom email address under your own domain name.

Second, if marketing is consideration, then you will need a solution for sending out promotional email (otherwise known as broadcast email or mailshots).

Finally, if users are registering on your site or making purchases, then transactional email will be a come into play too.

For all three of these areas there are a range of technology solutions, both free and paid.

19 January 2024
Downloading and opening EML (.eml) files in Gmail

EML is a text format for emails with the file extension .eml. Here's how to download or open a .eml file in Gmail's web client.

10 January 2022
How to use a mailto link with a Google Ad Manager creative (and why you probably shouldn't)

Using mailto links in Google Ad Manager isn't possible with 'Image' creatives. Here's how to do it with 'Custom' creatives.

7 October 2019
How to get ParentPay emails sent to two parents rather than just one

ParentPay emails are sent to the email address of the account holder. But what if you want more than one parent to receive those emails?

14 September 2019
Domain verification in Zoho Mail: creating the cPanel TXT record

Zoho talks you through the setup, but the instructions in the 'Verify Domain' step for creating a TXT record in cPanel could be confusing if you are unfamiliar with creating DNS records

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