Domain verification in Zoho Mail: creating the cPanel TXT record

14 September 2019

Email hosting service Zoho Mail is a great way to send and receive email from your own domain. For example I recently set it up for my partner's domain,, enabling her to have an email address ending

And, unlike some rival services such as Google's G Suite, Zoho Mail also has a free plan - for up to five users.

Zoho does talk you through the steps involved during setup, however the instructions in the 'Verify Domain' step for creating a TXT record in cPanel could be a bit confusing if you are not very familiar with creating DNS records.

Zoho Mail TXT instructions

The instructions say that 'Name / Host / Alias / TXT' should be 'Blank or @ or' (whatever your domain is). This is not a literal value! Do not paste 'Blank or @ or' into the 'Name' field of cPanel's Advanced DNS Zone Editor. Basically it is telling you that you have three choices:

  1. Leave the Name field blank, or
  2. Set the Name field to '@', or
  3. Set the Name field to '' (whatever your domain is)

In this context it does not matter which you do, however cPanel's Advanced DNS Zone Editor did not allow me to leave the Name field blank - so that ruled out that option. I chose the third option, which worked fine.

The other thing to note is that Advanced DNS Zone Editor appended a full stop (call it a period if you will) to the end of the domain name. That's absolutely nothing to worry about and do not feel you need to remove it. Here's what the record looked like after it had been added:

Zoho Mail TXT record example

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