How to view your Nintendo Switch Wish List online via the eShop website

11 July 2020

If you are lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch, you will probably know that the console has a 'Wish List' feature that enables you to keep track of all the games you are interested in.

This is handy if you ever want to see whether any of those games are in a sale. Nintendo also explains another benefit:

By adding games to your Wish List, you’ll also receive a heads up via email whenever a game in your list is released or goes on sale. For this feature, you’ll need to opt-in to receive promotional emails from Nintendo.

However you may not know that since March 2020 your Wish List has also been available online as part of Nintendo eShop. That means you can view it on a browser on your computer or mobile. Here's what it looks like:

Nintendo Switch Wish List

The games are listed in the order that you added them to the Wish List, the most recently added at the top. Sadly there's no option to sort them (by price, for example, or release date). And yes, I have a lot of games in my Wish List...

How to find your Wish List in Nintendo eShop

  1. Go to the Nintendo eShop
  2. Sign in with your Nintendo Account
  3. Click on your username in the top right
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Click on Shop Menu
  6. Scroll down a little (if you need to) and click on Wish List

Now that's pretty hidden! There's also a direct link on the eShop homepage, about halfway down, but it's easy to overlook. So the simplest way to get to your Wish List, once you have signed in, is just to go to the following link:

Sometimes that link seems to take me to the Shop Menu rather than direct to the Wish List - if that happens to you too, at least you are only one click away. Also, if you go to the link while logged out, it will prompt you to login and then redirect you to the Shop Menu rather than the Wish List.

Add games to your Wish List in Nintendo eShop

You can also add games to your Wish List via the eShop. While signed in to your account, view the product information page for any game. Directly below the price and the 'Proceed to purchase' button you will find an 'Add to Wish List' button:

Add to Wish List button

If the game is already in your Wish List, the button will say 'Remove from Wish List' instead.

Happy Listing!

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