Graphic design

Graphic design requires not just creativity but also technical ability. While there are now many online tools that will help website owners and product managers produce better designs, there is no substitute for design knowlege. A basic understanding of colour theory, for example, or typography, will always be useful.

25 April 2020
The Canvas Photo Editor as an alternative to Pixlr - plus some thoughts on choosing a product

I'm a fan of free online image editors. For operations like resizing or cropping there's nothing quicker than opening a photo editor in a new browser tab.

4 April 2020
'A System Error Occurred' in Google Ad Manager? EOT fonts in your creative may be to blame

Have you ever tried to upload a creative to Google Ad Manager only to be presented with this message? "A system error occurred. Please try again."

22 September 2019
Tips for taking screengrabs of websites

Hints and tips on taking screengrabs of websites and making them look good, from free software to handy CSS.

21 December 2018
How to create a double-deck logo in Looka

Here's how to create a double-deck logo in Looka, where each of the two lines of text has different fonts, colours and so on.

James Clark
Hi! I'm James Clark and I'm a freelance web analyst from the UK. I'm here to help with your analytics, ad operations, and SEO issues.
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