How to create a double-deck logo in Looka

PUBLISHED 21 Dec 2018 - UPDATED 18 Aug 2023

Here's how to create a double-deck logo in Looka, where each of the two lines of text can have different fonts, font colours and so on.

Looka (formerly Logojoy) is an "AI-powered logo maker" that's a joy to use - in fact, I used it to create the 'Technically Product' logo you can see on this site. But it isn't obvious how to make a double-deck logo in Looka, something I needed to do for Technically Product.

What's a double-deck logo?

A double-deck logo is, as the name suggests, a logo with two 'decks' or lines of text - one above the other. Two real-world examples include Immediate Media and, as you can see here, P&O Ferries:

P&O Ferries double-deck logo

It works well for company names with one shorter and one longer word. Often, the two decks will have different font colours and font sizes - or even different fonts entirely. So, if you want to do that in Looka too, here's how.

Creating a double-deck logo in Looka

  1. From the Looka homepage, enter your company name (you don't need to sign up for an account at this point)
  2. Click Get started
  3. Choose your industry
  4. Select some logos that you like (for inspiration)
  5. Pick a potential colour scheme

The next step is the important one for creating your double-deck logo. It's called 'Enter your company name' (even though you've already entered it once!) and it looks like this:

Enter your company name on Looka

For a double-deck logo, simply put the first word of your company name in 'Company Name' and the second word in 'Add a Slogan (Optional)'. So something like this:

Company name entered on Looka

Then hit Continue and pick some symbol types when prompted. On the next step, Looka will start generating logos for you - and you will see they are all double-deck:

Looka double-deck logos

It's likely that each deck will have a different font and font size, but these can be made to match (if that's what you want - personally I didn't). Just select one of the logos, click on either deck, and you'll be able to adjust the font, font size, font colour and so on:

Changing text colour in Looka

Looka's text 'Stack' option

While editing your logo text, you'll also see a 'Stack' option alongside the text field. Click on this and you'll be able to include up to three lines of text for your 'Company Name' (first deck) and three lines of text for your 'Slogan' (second deck). Here I've set my slogan to have three lines of text:

Looka logo stack with three lines of text

The downside of this is that all three lines within a 'stack' have to have the same font, font colour, and so on. So if you do want these to differ, you'll have to use my 'company name + slogan' approach rather than just a single stack.

One cool trick though is to set the text justification of the company name stack to 'justified' (I've circled the option in the screengrab below). This will automatically increase the font size of the shorter words so that they have the same width as the longest word. This will, of course, increase the height of the shorter words too, giving this sort of effect:

Looka with justified text

If that's the sort of effect you're aiming to achieve with your double-deck logo, it's better to use the 'stack' option to achieve this (rather than 'company name + slogan) as it will then free up your slogan for you to actually use it as a slogan (if you want to).

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