How to create a double-deck logo in Logojoy

21 December 2018

Logojoy is an "AI-powered logo maker" that's a joy to use - in fact, I used it to create the 'Technically Product' logo you can see on this site. But it isn't obvious how to make a double-deck logo in Logojoy, something I needed to do for Technically Product.

Wait, what's a double-deck logo?

A double-deck logo is, as the name suggests, a logo with two 'decks' or lines of text - one above the other. It's not so common but two real-world examples include P&O Ferries and Immediate Media. It works well for company names with one shorter and one longer word. So, if you want to do that in Logojoy too, here's how.

Start creating your logo and go through the first three steps, which are: choosing your industry, selecting some sample logos, and picking a potential colour scheme. The fourth step is called 'Tell us about yourself' and looks like this:

Logojoy step four

For a double-deck logo, simply put the first word of your company name in 'Company Name' and the second word in 'Add a Slogan'. So something like this:

Logojoy add a slogan

Then continue through the rest of the steps. When Logojoy starts generating logos for you, you will see that they are all double-deck. It's likely that each deck will have a different font and font size, but these can be adjusted so that they match (if that's what you want - personally I didn't).

Of course, the downside as using the 'Slogan' field for a second deck is that your logo then can't have a separate slogan...

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