Google Ad Manager not loading? Perhaps AdBlock Plus is the culprit

PUBLISHED 9 Sep 2018 - UPDATED 24 Dec 2018

Google recently created its 'Ad Manager' brand from two existing products, Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) and Ad Exchange. If you are trying to visit Google Ad Manager in your browser and all you get is the following symbol...

Google Ad Manager loading

...then it is worth checking to see whether you have Adblock Plus (ABP) installed. Certainly in Chrome, this extension prevents me from loading or using Ad Manager.

I'm not sure whether it is ironic or simply logical that an ad blocker would stop an ad platform from working. And it is easily resolved: either disable the ABP extension entirely (in Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/), or disable it for Ad Manager only.

To do the latter:

  1. Visit Ad Manager (I still go via - though of course it won't load
  2. With that tab still open, click on the little red 'ABP' icon in your browser menu bar
  3. Click 'Enabled on this site' (it will change to 'Disabled on this site')

I'd be interested to know if other ad blockers have a similar effect on Google Ad Manager.

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