Online advertising

Online display advertising includes both direct-sold campaigns (where the publisher agrees a deal with the advertiser or their agency) as well as programmatic ads served through platforms such as Google AdSense. In the case of the latter, advertisers use real-time bidding to target specific audiences based on their demographics or behaviour.

5 February 2020
Violating 'ad experiences' in Google Chrome - what happens when you break the rules?

Google's Chrome browser supports the Better Ads Standards. But what are they, and what happens if your website violates these standards?

17 November 2019
Three ways to launch Google Publisher Console

If you are using Google Ad Manager to serve ads on your site, you should use Google Publisher Console too. Here are three ways to launch the Console...

14 November 2019
Using Google Publisher Tags (GPT tags)? Don't forget to update the hosted library domain

The Google Publisher Tag library is now hosted in a different location, so update your tags now. Your ads will fetch a bit quicker!

9 November 2019
A very brief introduction to PQL (Publisher Query Language)

PQL is a "SQL-like language for querying objects" in Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) and has a "syntax similar to that of SQL".

4 November 2019
Google Ad Manager campaign postponed? Change your Start Time while your line item is still Inactive

One of your Google Ad Manager campaigns suffers a delay. Make sure you change the Start Time before you add the creative. Here's why!

24 October 2019
Dynamic date range options in Google Ad Manager's query editor - make sure they don't catch you out

Google Ad Manager's query creator has a wide variety of dynamic date range options, but they are not entirely consistent. Take, for example, the surprising difference between 'Last year' and 'Last three years': Last year Selecting 'Last year' shows data from the previous calendar year. If I were to choose this now, on 24 October […]

15 October 2019
From CPM to CPC for direct-sold campaigns - some calculations

One advertiser approached us to ask if we could work to a CPC model - paying an agreed price per click - rather than CPM. But what to charge?

27 September 2019
Days missing from a Google Ad Manager line item report? Here's why

If you have days missing from a Google Ad Manager line item report, don't be concerned that there is an issue with the reporting.

16 September 2019
Renaming line items in Google Ad Manager: remember to save twice

When is a save not a save? When you are renaming line items in Google Ad Manager (formerly called Doubleclick for Publishers or DFP).

12 August 2019
Copying things in Google Ad Manager? Watch that 'start time'

Google Ad Manager, formerly DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), has some quirks relating to the 'start time' given to a copy of a line item or a creative.

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