Why Technically Product is now a Brave Verified Creator

16 February 2020

Coming from a publishing background, I am always interested in new approaches to the old problem of monetising online content (especially editorial content).

Recently I've been particularly fascinated with the Brave browser: not only does it allow users to earn cryptocurrency through viewing ads, but then those same users can choose to gift that crypto to publishers of their choice. This can be done either through a one-off tip, a set monthly contribution, or a mechanism called 'Auto-Contribute':

An automatic way to support publishers and content creators. Set a monthly payment and browse normally. The Brave Verified sites you visit will receive your contributions automatically, based on your attention as measured by Brave.

Reward creators for the content you love.

Your monthly payment gets distributed across the sites you visit.

Even if you choose 'Auto-Contribute', it is easy to exclude specific websites. So if you don't want your contributions to go to the tabloids, or to Amazon, or to whoever, that's fine.

'O brave new world, that has such people in it'

For me, this model could shift the balance away from huge players such as Google and back towards smaller publishers (and individual users or readers). Not only that, but it acts as an incentive for publishers to develop a loyal following through the creation of high-quality content: after all, why would you donate to a site you hate?

Finally, Brave blocks invasive ads by default and it is even possible to opt out of the Brave Ads too - a boon for user experience.

With this in mind, I've verified Technicallyproduct.co.uk and the Technically Product Twitter account with Brave Rewards (it's a pretty simple process). If you use Brave and find the guides I write useful, then of course I would be honoured if you shared your contributions with me.

But it's not really about the chance to make a little bit of beer money: above all, I wanted to show some support for Brave and for a model that might, for once, be on the side of all the smaller publishers.

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