1 January 2019
How to set styles in Oxygen 2 for WordPress - four different ways

The Oxygen 2 site builder for WordPress has many ways to set styles. Here are four of them, and my own personal way of working.

27 December 2018
Creating multi-paragraph blockquotes in WordPress's Text Editor

Creating a blockquote with multiple paragraphs in WordPress's Text Editor is simple - but the markup is a bit different to HTML.

26 December 2018
How to list out your WordPress tags with a post count for each

Want to list out all your WordPress tags as links with a post count for each? Here's a snippet of code that will do that with no need to update manually.

24 December 2018
Adding a Google Ads responsive ad unit to an Oxygen template

Adding a Google Ads responsive ad unit to an Oxygen site builder template and no ads appear? This might be why...

23 December 2018
Forcing the browser to display a vertical scrollbar - how and why

Here's why you should add this to your CSS stylesheet to force the browser to display a vertical scrollbar, even on web pages that are too short to need one.

21 December 2018
How to create a double-deck logo in Looka

Here's how to create a double-deck logo in Looka, where each of the two lines of text has different fonts, colours and so on.

25 November 2018
How many tabs have I got open in Safari on my iPhone?

The answer is a rather shocking 190 tabs. How do I know this? Press and hold the 'tabs' button in mobile Safari and it will give you a count: Hat tip to @swyx (Shawn Swyx Wang) on Twitter for telling the world how to find this out - I've been an iPhone user for years […]

23 September 2018
Prioritising projects? Think about the RETURN

Only tasks with high urgency and/or necessity (UN) should justify a high level of resource, effort and time (RET).

9 September 2018
Google Ad Manager not loading? Perhaps AdBlock Plus is the culprit

Google recently created its 'Ad Manager' brand from two existing products, Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) and Ad Exchange. If you are trying to visit Google Ad Manager in your browser and all you get is the following symbol... ...then it is worth checking to see whether you have Adblock Plus (ABP) installed. Certainly in Chrome, […]

2 September 2018
Be careful renaming elements in Oxygen site builder for WordPress

This WordPress site is built using a visual website builder called Oxygen 2. It's great, but sometimes a case of trial and error. Here's one 'error' you can easily avoid. Oxygen sites are built from templates that consist of a number of elements - divs, columns, that sort of thing. By default each element you […]

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