29 August 2018
WordPress Classic Editor 'Align Center' not centering images? Fix it with CSS

If the WordPress Classic Editor's 'Align Center' button isn't centering images, here's a CSS snippet to fix the problem.

23 August 2018
Don't install Google Tag Manager code 'as high in the <head> of the page as possible'

When you create a new Google Tag Manager container for Web, paste the installation code below your data layer code.

19 August 2018
LinkedIn Groups to receive another overhaul in attempt to boost engagement

I set up my first LinkedIn Group back in 2010, for an employer. In the early days it was easy to grow groups - there was even a CSV upload function enabling you to mass invite users. I remember we added 177 members the day we discovered that! For the past few years though, growing […]

18 August 2018
I love Google Tag Manager but I'd love it even more with a few more tooltips

I love Google Tag Manager, but it has a steep learning curve - and the UI doesn't always help in that regard. Take, for example, the 'tag firing options' which determine how tags fire on web pages. Pretty fundamental, right? And there are only three options to choose from - Unlimited, Once per event, and […]

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