12 January 2024
Wallpaper adverts on Abacus Webvision Cloud websites: implementation notes

How to set up Google Ad Manager wallpaper advertisements on an Abacus Webvision Cloud website and make them 'sticky'.

3 January 2024
Analysing screen resolutions in Mixpanel

Product analytics tool Mixpanel can help you understand what screen resolutions your users are using the most.

29 August 2023
How to generate landscape (horizontal) images with AI

Which AI image tools are best for generating landscape (horizontal) images? Here are four to choose from.

25 August 2023
Why is 'queries' data missing in Google Search Console?

Google Search Console under-reports impression and click data for specific queries in its Search Results report. How, and why?

21 August 2023
Differentiating between Forminator forms in GA4 using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Have more than Forminator form on your WordPress site? Here's how to differentiate between them in GA4 using Google Tag Manager.

13 August 2023
WordPress posts in multiple categories - how to add automatic redirects

Adding WordPress posts to more than category can cause duplicate content issues. Here's how to fix it with automatic redirects.

2 August 2023
Building a segment to exclude internal traffic by IP address in Piwik PRO

Segments in Piwik PRO are a great way to temporarily exclude internal traffic from reports and dashboards, based on IP address.

28 July 2023
Using the Ko-fi button? Here's a version that keeps PageSpeed Insights happy

Ko-fi's embeddable button triggers a warning in Google's PageSpeed Insights. Here's an alternative version that fixes the issue.

4 June 2023
Using GTMSpy to spy on GA4

GTMSpy doesn't support GA4 tags, but in some cases it can still be used to get insights on whether a site uses GA4.

31 May 2023
Low-cost way to add a UK virtual number to your niche site (for EEAT)

Looking to add a virtual number to your niche site to help with EEAT? If you're in the UK, Number People is a low-cost option.

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