28 July 2023
Using the Ko-fi button? Here's a version that keeps PageSpeed Insights happy

Ko-fi's embeddable button triggers a warning in Google's PageSpeed Insights. Here's an alternative version that fixes the issue.

4 June 2023
Using GTMSpy to spy on GA4

GTMSpy doesn't support GA4 tags, but in some cases it can still be used to get insights on whether a site uses GA4.

31 May 2023
Low-cost way to add a UK virtual number to your niche site (for EEAT)

Looking to add a virtual number to your niche site to help with EEAT? If you're in the UK, Number People is a low-cost option.

25 May 2023
How to display YouTube video published date in Looker Studio

Looker Studio's YouTube integration doesn't have a 'Date Published' field - but you can create one yourself. Here's how!

23 May 2023
Using valid country names in Looker Studio (and how to fix any errors)

How strict is Looker Studio with country names? What happens if you use an invalid name? And what should you do to fix it?

19 May 2023
Ko-fi: Quick updates vs blog posts

Donation platform Ko-fi enables its creators to create 'quick updates' and 'blog posts'. What are the differences between them?

18 May 2023
My career, now and Venn: or how I went broad to go deep

I thought the way to become a specialist was to focus on one area. Then I put it to the test and discovered the opposite was true.

15 May 2023
Which wpDiscuz social providers are my commenters using for 'social login'?

If you use the WordPress comment plugin wpDiscuz for social login, here's how to see which social providers are the most popular.

12 May 2023
Exporting a list of all your WordPress posts (with publication dates) using SQL

Don't be daunted by SQL - it's probably the easiest way to export a list of all the posts on your WordPress site, along with metadata such as publication date.

9 May 2023
How to schedule SiteGround automated backups for a specific time of day

If you host your website with SiteGround and want daily backups to happen at a certain time each day, this guide is for you.

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