8 May 2023
Why is Google Search Console detecting partial URLs for my WordPress site?

Google Search Console was detecting and listing partial URLs on my WordPress site. Here's how how I fixed this SEO issue.

5 May 2023
How to tell if your users have your site open in multiple tabs at once

Do your users have your website open in more than one tab? Here's how to use a live analytics tool called GoSquared to find out.

3 May 2023
Getting your resume filename and file format right for LinkedIn

When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, think about the file name and file format of your resume document - not just its contents.

4 February 2023
File sharing in Google Drive when 'There is no Google account associated with this email address'

Be careful sharing Google Drive files with non-Google account holders. You may end up giving them the 'Editor' role by mistake.

29 January 2023
How to pause or freeze point scoring in GamiPress

Although there isn't an option to pause or freeze GamiPress, the same effect can be achieved by disabling all the Points Awards.

14 January 2023
How not to write like ChatGPT

Writers shouldn't see AI content generation as a threat, but a reminder to embrace everything that makes their writing human.

8 January 2023
WordPress 'Additional CSS' suddenly disappeared? This might be why

If your Additional CSS has suddenly disappeared from the WordPress Theme Customizer, then your new child theme might be to blame.

23 March 2022
LinkedIn Audience Network: Why your LinkedIn adverts are appearing on third party sites

Most of your Sponsored Content ad impressions may be served on external sites rather than LinkedIn itself. But why, and how can you tell?

10 January 2022
How to use a mailto link with a Google Ad Manager creative (and why you probably shouldn't)

Using mailto links in Google Ad Manager isn't possible with 'Image' creatives. Here's how to do it with 'Custom' creatives.

19 July 2021
Using ARRAYFORMULA in your Google Sheets spreadsheet: why and how

The ARRAYFORMULA function in Google Sheets lets you perform the same operation on a range of cells without needing a formula in each cell.

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