21 March 2020
Using Google Ad Manager in Brave? Remember to put 'Shields Down'

One of the websites affected by Brave browser's 'Shields' feature is Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers).

15 March 2020
Sharing ad targeting presets in Google Ad Manager

In Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers), sets of ad targeting criteria can be saved as 'presets'. How can I share my presets with others?

8 March 2020
Comment replies not working on your WordPress Oxygen website? It could be Yoast removing replytocom

If your WordPress website is built with Oxygen, you may find that the 'Reply' link underneath comments is not working. Yoast SEO may be the cause...

1 March 2020
Studying 'IBM Data Science' on Coursera? Tackle 'Introduction to Data Science' first

Four of the nine courses in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate program on Coursera make up a 'Specialization' called Introduction to Data Science...

22 February 2020
How to raise a Freshdesk support ticket... about Freshdesk

Freshdesk is enterprise-class helpdesk software. But how do you raise a support ticket about Freshdesk, rather than just in Freshdesk?

16 February 2020
Why Technically Product is now a Brave Verified Creator

For me, the Brave approach to monetising online content could shift the balance away from huge players such as Google and back towards smaller publishers...

5 February 2020
Violating 'ad experiences' in Google Chrome - what happens when you break the rules?

Google's Chrome browser supports the Better Ads Standards. But what are they, and what happens if your website violates these standards?

26 January 2020
Preparing for the PCEP exam with the 'Python Essentials Part 1' course

The Python Essentials Part 1 course is an excellent introduction to the Python language and preparation for the PCEP certification - here's what you need to know

19 January 2020
International number formats that do and don't work in WhatsApp 'Click to Chat'

WhatsApp's 'Click to Chat' lets you start a chat with someone by clicking a web link. But how best to format an international number in Click to Chat?

12 January 2020
Calculating the mean average age of your users from Google Analytics demographic data (using Python)

Google Analytics collects age demographic data on your users. Can you use this to calculate the mean average age of your users?

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