9 November 2019
A very brief introduction to PQL (Publisher Query Language)

PQL is a "SQL-like language for querying objects" in Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) and has a "syntax similar to that of SQL".

4 November 2019
Google Ad Manager campaign postponed? Change your Start Time while your line item is still Inactive

One of your Google Ad Manager campaigns suffers a delay. Make sure you change the Start Time before you add the creative. Here's why!

3 November 2019
Exporting viewing figures for more than 500 YouTube videos (using Google Data Studio)

YouTube Analytics is an easy way to see how many views your videos have had - but it doesn't list them all. That's where Google Data Studio comes in!

2 November 2019
Embedding YouTube video with Oxygen WordPress sites (or, why is my video displaying at 500px max?)

If your WordPress theme does not define a Content Width, oEmbed videos default to 500px wide. Oxygen websites do not use themes, so default to this.

29 October 2019
How search queries work with Google Analytics' question answering feature

The searchbox at the top of Google Analytics doubles up as a 'question answering feature' - so you can request information in natural language.

26 October 2019
Google Analytics menu options that share the same name

Did you know that some of the menu options in Google Analytics share the same name? This isn't the best user experience and can cause confusion.

25 October 2019
Five reasons to have FTP access to your WordPress website

You've just set up your self-hosted WordPress website. I would always advise that you know how to access your site files via FTP! But why?

24 October 2019
Dynamic date range options in Google Ad Manager's query editor - make sure they don't catch you out

Google Ad Manager's query creator has a wide variety of dynamic date range options, but they are not entirely consistent. Take, for example, the surprising difference between 'Last year' and 'Last three years': Last year Selecting 'Last year' shows data from the previous calendar year. If I were to choose this now, on 24 October […]

23 October 2019
How to search on LinkedIn for jobs in an exact location

How can you set LinkedIn to only show jobs in an exact location rather than within a radius? It's possible, but not as easy as you might think.

17 October 2019
Getting the room right for your webinar broadcast

When preparing a webinar, it's easy to overlook the physical space where it will take place. But 'getting the room right' is key to a successful broadcast.

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