25 October 2019
Five reasons to have FTP access to your WordPress website

You've just set up your self-hosted WordPress website. I would always advise that you know how to access your site files via FTP! But why?

24 October 2019
Dynamic date range options in Google Ad Manager's query editor - make sure they don't catch you out

Google Ad Manager's query creator has a wide variety of dynamic date range options, but they are not entirely consistent. Take, for example, the surprising difference between 'Last year' and 'Last three years': Last year Selecting 'Last year' shows data from the previous calendar year. If I were to choose this now, on 24 October […]

23 October 2019
How to search on LinkedIn for jobs in an exact location

How can you set LinkedIn to only show jobs in an exact location rather than within a radius? It's possible, but not as easy as you might think.

17 October 2019
Getting the room right for your webinar broadcast

When preparing a webinar, it's easy to overlook the physical space where it will take place. But 'getting the room right' is key to a successful broadcast.

15 October 2019
From CPM to CPC for direct-sold campaigns - some calculations

One advertiser approached us to ask if we could work to a CPC model - paying an agreed price per click - rather than CPM. But what to charge?

13 October 2019
What are dynamic QR codes and how do I create them free of charge?

A printed QR code can't easily be changed if a mistake is found. But its destination can be - if the QR code is dynamic.

10 October 2019
Relative versus absolute timestamps

Most software tools give dates and times as absolute - but others give them as relative. Perhaps a mixed approach might be best?

7 October 2019
How to get ParentPay emails sent to two parents rather than just one

ParentPay emails are sent to the email address of the account holder. But what if you want more than one parent to receive those emails?

1 October 2019
Renaming fields in Google Data Studio: useful but confusing

Google Data Studio uses field names as table column titles. You can rename them, but this may cause confusion. So what's the best approach?

28 September 2019
Can Facebook pages be invited to join Facebook groups?

A Facebook Help article says that "pages can only request to join groups and can't be invited to join groups". This isn't strictly true...

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