24 August 2019
How to get a link to any Facebook post

You've seen a post in your Facebook news feed that you want to get a link to. How on earth do you do that?

12 August 2019
Copying things in Google Ad Manager? Watch that 'start time'

Google Ad Manager, formerly DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), has some quirks relating to the 'start time' given to a copy of a line item or a creative.

4 August 2019
Mind the VERIFY button when migrating WhatsApp to a new phone

"Your phone number is no longer registered on this phone. This is likely because you registered your phone number with WhatsApp on a different phone."

1 August 2019
How to show posts from multiple WordPress categories on one search results page

With just a simple URL parameter, spin up a WordPress search results page that includes posts from two or more categories.

28 July 2019
How to use Flashtalking tags in Google Ad Manager (DFP) as a publisher

Working in the publisher side of ad ops, you may be asked to traffic campaigns using various third-party ad tags. One of the most common third-party ad servers is Flashtalking, and fortunately it is relatively simple to set up a Flashtalking campaign in Google Ad Manager (formerly known as Doubleclick for Publishers or DFP). 1. […]

27 July 2019
Sitting the Google Analytics GAIQ exam? Here are a couple of things to watch out for

I recently retook the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) exam and noticed a couple of oddities with the questions that were worth sharing...

24 July 2019
How to filter WordPress search results by category

This post could just as easily be called 'how to filter a WordPress category page by keyword search term'!

21 July 2019
Two WordPress websites with different domains on the same SiteGround account? Here's how

So you have one WordPress website hosted with SiteGround, and now you want to add another one to the same hosting account but with a different domain?

20 July 2019
When is a 123 Reg sale not a sale? When it's a 'new customers only' offer

'Sale' prices at 123 Reg are displayed to existing customers even though they are only available as an introductory offer to new customers

19 July 2019
Why you don't need thousands of followers to reach thousands of people on Twitter

On Twitter, you don't need a large following to get your message read by thousands of people. You can be a social media nonentity and achieve a huge 'reach'.

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