Product management

Product management is an increasingly popular profession, especially in tech. The product manager is sometimes called the "CEO of the product", though this reflects their ownership of the product rather than their level of authority. In reality it is a highly collaborative role, with the product manager needing to work effectively with a variety of specialist functions from engineering to marketing. What's more, the product manager usually both sets the strategic vision for the product and takes responsibility for its execution, so it is a role that requires a broad skill set.

23 September 2018
Prioritising projects? Think about the RETURN

So here's a useful mnemonic to help prioritise tasks or projects. Think about the RETURN: R: Resource E: Effort T: Time U: Urgency N: Necessity (OK, there should really be another 'R' in there but I'll let that slide. Perhaps it stands for 'Argh, I've forgotten one of the words...') Only tasks with high urgency […]

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