How to search on LinkedIn for jobs in an exact location

PUBLISHED 23 Oct 2019 - UPDATED 12 May 2023

How can you set LinkedIn to only show you jobs in an exact location rather than within a radius? It's possible, but not as easy as you might think.

LinkedIn's job search obviously has a location field, however this defaults to a radius of 25 miles (40km). In a densely populated country like the UK, that can pull in an awful lot of jobs! On desktop, the distance to be adjusted up and down either by using the option in the sub-menu or the option under 'All filters'. However in both cases, the lowest value is 10 miles (16km):

LinkedIn radius

That might not sound like much, but a radius of 10 miles gives an area of 314 square miles. This is a massive issue if you are jobhunting anywhere near a big city. For example I live in a suburb of London, which means that a search in my local area also pulls in all the jobs based in central London - of which there are thousands! So how do I cut out the commute and find those jobs that are truly local to me?

One obvious way would be to 'sort jobs by nearest first', but strangely LinkedIn does not offer this option. It's possible to sort jobs by 'most relevant' and 'most recent', and that's it.

However there are two ways to crack this conundrum:

1. Use the LinkedIn app

The LinkedIn app has the same 'Distance' dropdown as the website, with a minimum radius of 10 miles. However under 'More filters', you will find a 'Location' slider that can be set to 'Exact Location':

LinkedIn mobile exact location

This is certainly true on the IOS app for version 9.1.152 - how long it will remain the case I cannot say.

2. Change the desktop URL parameter

Not everyone wants to jobhunt on an app, so here's a solution that works on desktop. Carry out a location-based search with a radius of, say, 10 miles (for this to work, you will need to choose a radius rather than relying on the default). You will get a URL like this:

Simply change 'distance=10' to 'distance=0' so the URL looks like this:

Et voila! LinkedIn will only show you jobs in the exact location.

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