SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of ranking well in search engines and getting more organic traffic as a result. It comes in several different flavours, including on-page SEO (optimising content), off-page SEO or link-building (getting other sites to link to that content), and technical SEO (optimising the site itself as opposed to the content of the site).

4 February 2024
Using Google Search Console to see if Google AdsBot is getting 403 errors

Is Google's AdBot forbidden from seeing some of your site's pages? Here's how to find out using Google Search Console.

25 August 2023
Why is 'queries' data missing in Google Search Console?

Google Search Console under-reports impression and click data for specific queries in its Search Results report. How, and why?

13 August 2023
WordPress posts in multiple categories - how to add automatic redirects

Adding WordPress posts to more than category can cause duplicate content issues. Here's how to fix it with automatic redirects.

31 May 2023
Low-cost way to add a UK virtual number to your niche site (for EEAT)

Looking to add a virtual number to your niche site to help with EEAT? If you're in the UK, Number People is a low-cost option.

8 May 2023
Why is Google Search Console detecting partial URLs for my WordPress site?

Google Search Console was detecting and listing partial URLs on my WordPress site. Here's how how I fixed this SEO issue.

19 July 2020
Spike in direct traffic? It could be Google Discover

Is Google Discover the cause of your 'direct' traffic spikes? Here's how to find out using Google Analytics and Search Console data.

10 September 2019
Can rel="sponsored" pass PageRank?

Google has announced a new link attribute for sponsored links. Will it pass PageRank? It seems it might, under some circumstances...

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