Getting a permalink to a LinkedIn page post is easy... a shame it does not include post stats

PUBLISHED 26 Aug 2019

Recently I wrote about how getting a permalink to a Facebook post isn't particularly intuitive. Getting a permalink to a post on a LinkedIn company or showcase page is more obvious, but does come with one limitation - if you're an admin of that page.

View the page in question and click on the three dots in the top right of the post that interests you. That opens up a small menu, of which one of the options will be 'Copy link to post'. Click on that, and your permalink will be copied to your clipboard ready for you to email, tweet or do anything you like with. Simple, huh.

LinkedIn copy link to post

Now here's where it gets interesting. If you are not admin of the page, or if you are admin but have chosen to 'view as member', your permalink will look something like this:

If you are admin and have chosen to 'view as admin' (using the option in the top right of the page), your permalink will have a somewhat different structure - looking something like this:

In both cases you will see exactly the same post and information, and both links also work whether or not you are logged in to LinkedIn (though some options, such as 'Delete post' or 'Embed this post', will not be available for obvious reasons).

The frustration is that even when viewing the admin-generated permalink while logged in as an admin, there is no option to 'Show stats'. If, like me, you are generating a permalink so you can easily return to the post in future to check how many organic impressions it has received, you are out of luck. You will either need to find the post on the page itself (which can take quite some scrolling down if it is an old post on a busy page), or use LinkedIn's page analytics - less scrolling but still some hunting through the pagination to find the post in question.

(Oh, and I've tried adding ?viewAsMember=false and /admin/ to the end of both those URLs. The former does nothing, the latter results in 'page not found'.)

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