How to get a link to any Facebook post

24 August 2019

You've seen a post in your Facebook news feed that you want to get a link to. Perhaps you want to send it to a friend, share it on Twitter, or maybe link to it in a blog post. How on earth do you do that?

I've seen several fairly online-savvy people get stumped trying to work this out, but it's actually very straightforward - once you know how. At the top of the post, just click on the date or time stamp that appears directly underneath the name of the person or page making the post - this might be a relative time or day like '10 hrs', or perhaps an absolute one like 'August 21'. (Incidentally you can hover over a relative time to see an absolute one.)

Facebook post timestamp

Just click on the timestamp, in this case '10 hrs'

If the post is one from a Facebook group, you will be taken to a URL with /permalink/ in it. You can go ahead and share that URL - it will never change (as the name permalink or permanent link suggests.)

If the post is a photo post by an individual, you will be taken to a URL beginning Again, you can share this. (Getting out of Facebook's annoying 'theatre' display mode for photos is another matter.)

And if the post was made to a page, the URL will be different again - this time it will have /posts/ in it. You can share this too, but the only difference is that other recent posts from that page will appear below the one you are sharing. It's dynamic too, so those other posts will change over time. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

The only posts that this won't work on are those with that have the text 'Sponsored' in place of a date and time. These are actually ads (as Facebook will tell you if you do click on the text 'Sponsored').

Happy sharing!

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