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19 September 2019 is one of my favourite tools for social media scheduling and automation. I know from experience that its support team is also great - helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. But it is not immediately obvious how to raise a support ticket when logged into And even when you do know, it's easy to forget!

1. As a logged-in user, click on your username in the top right and select 'Support' in the dropdown menu. So far, so easy. This takes you to the subdomain, which is a repository of support articles (also searchable by keyword). But sometimes the answer you seek just isn't covered by an article.

2. Click on your username here (and if you can't see your username, you may have to log in to the support subdomain using your regular account credentials). In the dropdown menu this time round there are some different menu items, including 'My Activities'. Select this, then in the main panel click on 'Requests' to see a list of requests that you have previously raised or been CCed on. Still no option to raise a ticket!

3. Click on one of your past requests, and right at the very bottom of the thread you will see a small option to 'Submit a request'. This enables you to raise a new ticket. 'submit request' button

But what if you haven't raised a ticket before? In that case, you won't be able to click into one and access the 'Submit a request' button. But you can go direct to the following URL to raise a ticket instead:

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