Why you don't need thousands of followers to reach thousands of people on Twitter

19 July 2019

One of the best things about Twitter is that you don't need a large following to get your message read by thousands of people. You can be a social media nonentity and still achieve a huge 'reach'. And I'm not talking about going viral. All you need to do is interact in the right way with more popular users.

For example, shortly after setting up the Technically Product Twitter account, and when we had only a handful of followers, I spotted this witty tweet from Nate Lanxon, Bloomberg's tech editor:

Riffing on it, I replied with:

Now Nate is a popular guy on Twitter and has around 16,000 followers. My reply obviously struck a chord with some of them - and 59 retweets later, that throwaway tweet of mine had more than 83,000 impressions. That doesn't necessarily mean that 83,000 people read or still less engaged with my tweet (or followed me, damn them!), but it is still likely to have been seen by more people than anything else I wrote that month.

There's no other social media channel that makes this sort of thing so easy to do.

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