Tag management

Tag management is a way of using software to manage a website's third party tags. Most commonly these are analytics tags but could also be remarketing tags or really any snippet of code that you might otherwise embed directly in the <head> of the page. Tag management is notable because it allows marketers to do more with less technical knowledge, adding or updating tags without developer involvement. Google has its own tag management solution, Google Tag Manager, which is free to use.

6 December 2020
New Google Tag Assistant not connecting? It could be Brave browser's 'Shields Up'

Brave browser 'Shields Up' is one reason why the new Google Tag Assistant shows a 'Could not connect' error when debugging GTM.

28 June 2020
Using data layer values in your Google Publisher Tag

The data layer and Google Publisher Tag key-values both pass structured data from your site to an external program. Both consist of key-value pairs.

23 August 2018
One piece of Google advice not to follow when installing Tag Manager

I love Google Tag Manager, I really do. But when you install it, don't follow the advice that Google gives you: The installation code shouldn't be pasted as high in the <head> of the page as possible. It should be pasted below the data layer snippet. As Google itself explains elsewhere: It's important that this […]

18 August 2018
I love Google Tag Manager but I'd love it even more with a few more tooltips

I love Google Tag Manager, but it has a steep learning curve - and the UI doesn't always help in that regard. Take, for example, the 'tag firing options' which determine how tags fire on web pages. Pretty fundamental, right? And there are only three options to choose from - Unlimited, Once per event, and […]

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