I love Google Tag Manager but I'd love it even more with a few more tooltips

18 August 2018

I love Google Tag Manager, but it has a steep learning curve - and the UI doesn't always help in that regard. Take, for example, the 'tag firing options' which determine how tags fire on web pages. Pretty fundamental, right? And there are only three options to choose from - Unlimited, Once per event, and Once per page:

Tag firing options

But I always forget the difference between the three, and more importantly the appropriate situation(s) to use each one in. So I have to go out of the application and check Tag Manager Help (part of the Google Support site). This tells me, for example, that 'Once per page' is commonly used to load an external JavaScript library.

I'd really love some tooltips right there in GTM instead. Some of the other options have them (ie they are part of the UI), and the information already exists in Tag Manager Help, so it should be pretty trivial to add them in. Why not a tooltip on every option? You never know what a user is going to find confusing or forget.

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