Brave browser

Brave is an open source web browser launched in 2016. Based on Chromium (the code behind Google's Chrome browser), Brave puts the focus on privacy ad speed by blocking trackers and ads by default.

Users can opt into privacy-respecting ads to earn a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Tokens or BAT which they may then choose to share with publishers. As of December 2019, Brave had more than 10 million active monthly users.

Brave is free to download.

6 December 2020
New Google Tag Assistant not connecting? It could be Brave browser's 'Shields Up'

Brave browser 'Shields Up' is one reason why the new Google Tag Assistant shows a 'Could not connect' error when debugging GTM.

4 July 2020
Transferring ether from Cent to Uphold

Use social network Cent to earn cryptocurrency? Here's how to transfer your ether out of Cent and into your Uphold wallet

13 June 2020
Ads stopped appearing in Brave? Check your version number

Have Brave Ads stopped appearing for you in Brave Browser? You may need to download and run the installer again.

16 May 2020
Using Brave on mobile? Here's why you shouldn't self-tip

Brave is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, but there's one big limitation: it isn't possible to withdraw your BAT from mobile.

21 March 2020
Using Google Ad Manager in Brave browser? Put 'Shields Down'

Brave browser's 'Shields' feature blocks advertising creative in Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers).

16 February 2020
Why Technically Product is a verified creator with Brave browser

Brave browser's approach to monetising online content could shift the balance back towards smaller publishers.

2 January 2020
Verifying a website with Brave Rewards by adding a TXT record in Advanced DNS Zone Editor

If you are a content creator with your own website, you will want to verify it with Brave Rewards so you can collect BAT contributions from your readers.

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