Many site owners will know cPanel as the control panel they use to manage their web hosting. It's also the name of the company behind the control panel! Although the tool is paid rather than free, in most cases it is the hosting provider that pays rather than the end user (that's not to say the cost won't be passed on some way or another). The cPanel tool has a graphical interface and is web-based - that is, it works through a standard web browser.

2 January 2020
Verifying a website with Brave Rewards by adding a TXT record in Advanced DNS Zone Editor

If you are a content creator with your own website, you will want to verify it with Brave Rewards so you can collect BAT contributions from your readers.

14 September 2019
Domain verification in Zoho Mail: creating the cPanel TXT record

Zoho talks you through the setup, but the instructions in the 'Verify Domain' step for creating a TXT record in cPanel could be confusing if you are unfamiliar with creating DNS records

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