CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a stylesheet language used to specify the design or style of HTML elements. Most commonly added via an external stylesheet, CSS can also be used internally or inline. It would be impossible to work in web design for any length of time without being exposed to some CSS, and even a little knowledge can be highly useful.

8 January 2023
WordPress 'Additional CSS' suddenly disappeared? This might be why

If your Additional CSS has suddenly disappeared from the WordPress Theme Customizer, then your new child theme might be to blame.

22 September 2019
Tips for taking screengrabs of websites

Hints and tips on taking screengrabs of websites and making them look good, from free software to handy CSS.

14 July 2019
Adding a breadcrumb (crumbtrail) to an Oxygen website using Yoast SEO

Want to add a breadcrumb to a WordPress site built in Oxygen? You can use the free Yoast SEO plugin for that, and it's pretty simple to do

1 January 2019
How to set styles in Oxygen 2 for WordPress - four different ways

The Oxygen 2 site builder for WordPress has many ways to set styles. Here are four of them, and my own personal way of working.

23 December 2018
Forcing the browser to display a vertical scrollbar - how and why

Here's why you should add this to your CSS stylesheet to force the browser to display a vertical scrollbar, even on web pages that are too short to need one.

29 August 2018
WordPress Classic Editor 'Align Center' not centering images? Fix it with CSS

If the WordPress Classic Editor's 'Align Center' button isn't centering images, here's a CSS snippet to fix the problem.

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