data layer

The data layer is an important concept in tag management. In essence, it is a way that a website can make structured data available to a tool such as Google Tag Manager. This could include absolutely anything from the category of the current page through to the user's logged-in status.

The data itself can either be static or pushed there when a particular event happens, such as a registration or a transaction.

4 October 2020
Google Analytics: how to filter out traffic from logged-in admins

You don't want your Google Analytics account to track your own activity. Rather than using an IP filter, just exclude traffic from logged-in admins.

28 June 2020
Using data layer values in your Google Publisher Tag

The data layer and Google Publisher Tag key-values both pass structured data from your site to an external program. Both consist of key-value pairs.

23 August 2018
Don't install Google Tag Manager code 'as high in the <head> of the page as possible'

When you create a new Google Tag Manager container for Web, paste the installation code below your data layer code.

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