Dlvr.it is a freemium social media automation tool. It enables online publishers (in the broadest sense) to auto-post to multiple networks using content from RSS feeds, as well as bulk schedule manually created updates. Dlvr.it claims to be used by "over 1,000,000 individuals, businesses, and brands" posting more than five million items daily between them.

25 May 2020
'Click below to read full story': increasing clickthroughs on Facebook auto-posts using Dlvr.it

One way to increase clickthroughs on Facebook auto-posts is to append each post with a short message saying 'Click below to read full story 👇'

10 October 2019
Relative versus absolute timestamps

Most software tools give dates and times as absolute - but others give them as relative. Perhaps a mixed approach might be best?

19 September 2019
How to raise a support ticket in Dlvr.it

It is not immediately obvious how to raise a support ticket when logged into Dlvr.it. And even when you do know, it's easy to forget!

James Clark
Hi! I'm James Clark and I'm a freelance web analyst from the UK. I'm here to help with your analytics, ad operations, and SEO issues.
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