Facebook needs no introduction. From its beginnings as a student directory for Harvard University through to its current status as the world's biggest social network, Facebook's story is well known. But even Facebook's most avid users are likely to be unfamiliar with its entire feature set, from running paid advertising through to setting up pages and groups.

2 August 2020
New Facebook does not let you 'Include Original Post' when you 'Share to a Page'

Sharing a post from one Facebook page to another? In the 'New Facebook' redesign you can no longer tick to 'Include Original Post'

25 May 2020
'Click below to read full story': increasing clickthroughs on Facebook auto-posts using Dlvr.it

One way to increase clickthroughs on Facebook auto-posts is to append each post with a short message saying 'Click below to read full story 👇'

23 November 2019
Fixing a missing google_product_category using OpenGraph tags

When I tested a tagged page using the Facebook microdata debugger, I got a warning telling me "A product is missing a field: google_product_category".

10 October 2019
Relative versus absolute timestamps

Most software tools give dates and times as absolute - but others give them as relative. Perhaps a mixed approach might be best?

28 September 2019
Can Facebook pages be invited to join Facebook groups?

A Facebook Help article says that "pages can only request to join groups and can't be invited to join groups". This isn't strictly true...

24 August 2019
How to get a link to any Facebook post

You've seen a post in your Facebook news feed that you want to get a link to. How on earth do you do that?

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