GAIQ stands for Google Analytics Individual Qualification, which was Google's official certification for Universal Analytics.

In August 2022, Google launched a similar qualification for the new version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This new qualification is simply called 'Google Analytics Certification' and, like GAIQ, is accessible on the Skillshop website.

The new Google Analytics Certification consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and has a time limit of 75 minutes. In order to pass, you need to achieve a score of 80% or higher (that is, get at least 40 questions correct).

16 November 2020
What does Google Analytics 4 mean for the GAIQ exam?

Google Analytics 4 has now been launched. How has the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam changed as a result?

27 July 2019
Sitting the Google Analytics GAIQ exam? Here are a couple of things to watch out for

I recently retook the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) exam and noticed a couple of oddities with the questions that were worth sharing...

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