Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is probably still better known as DoubleClick - the brand was created in 2018 from the amalgamation of DoubleClick for Publishers (or DFP) and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Whatever it is called, if you want a reliable, powerful and free tool for serving ads on your website, then Ad Manager is worth serious consideration.

As well as the free version, an enterprise version of Google Ad Manager is also available as part of Google's 360 suite.

10 January 2022
How to use a mailto link with a Google Ad Manager creative (and why you probably shouldn't)

Using mailto links in Google Ad Manager isn't possible with 'Image' creatives. Here's how to do it with 'Custom' creatives.

18 October 2020
Owning and sharing reports in Google Ad Manager - how it works

Using the report creator in Google Ad Manager? Here's how owning and sharing reports works, and what the main limitations are.

20 September 2020
How and why to target keys with empty values in Google Ad Manager

Key-values are used in Google Ad Manager for customised ad targeting. But did you know you can use the absence of a value for targeting too?

29 July 2020
Viewable impression goals in Google Ad Manager: a guide for publishers

What are viewable impressions in Google Ad Manager, and what as a publisher should you consider when setting a goal based on them?

28 June 2020
Using data layer values in your Google Publisher Tag

The data layer and Google Publisher Tag key-values both pass structured data from your site to an external program. Both consist of key-value pairs.

4 April 2020
'A System Error Occurred' in Google Ad Manager? EOT fonts in your creative may be to blame

Have you ever tried to upload a creative to Google Ad Manager only to be presented with this message? "A system error occurred. Please try again."

21 March 2020
Using Google Ad Manager in Brave? Remember to put 'Shields Down'

One of the websites affected by Brave browser's 'Shields' feature is Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers).

15 March 2020
Sharing ad targeting presets in Google Ad Manager

In Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers), sets of ad targeting criteria can be saved as 'presets'. How can I share my presets with others?

17 November 2019
Three ways to launch Google Publisher Console

If you are using Google Ad Manager to serve ads on your site, you should use Google Publisher Console too. Here are three ways to launch the Console...

14 November 2019
Using Google Publisher Tags (GPT tags)? Don't forget to update the hosted library domain

The Google Publisher Tag library is now hosted in a different location, so update your tags now. Your ads will fetch a bit quicker!

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