Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (or GTM) is Google's tag management system (or GTS!). Like other tag management systems, GTM is used for adding snippets of code - analytics code for example - to a website without the need for development. But unlike some rival tag management solutions such as Tealium, Google Tag Manager is totally free. Its simplicity makes it both extremely powerful and, perhaps, daunting at times.

One of the features of GTM is a 'Preview and Debug' mode which enables you to test and troubleshoot your setup. This launches the Google Tag Assistant tool.

11 April 2024
How to exclude a subdomain from GA4 (three ways)

How do you exclude a subdomain from your GA4 reporting? Here I look at three methods, including blocking triggers in GTM.

21 August 2023
Differentiating between Forminator forms in GA4 using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Have more than Forminator form on your WordPress site? Here's how to differentiate between them in GA4 using Google Tag Manager.

4 June 2023
Using GTMSpy to spy on GA4

GTMSpy doesn't support GA4 tags, but in some cases it can still be used to get insights on whether a site uses GA4.

6 December 2020
New Google Tag Assistant not connecting? It could be Brave browser's 'Shields Up'

Brave browser 'Shields Up' is one reason why the new Google Tag Assistant shows a 'Could not connect' error when debugging GTM.

27 November 2020
Tracking Forminator form submissions with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

How do you track Forminator form submissions as events in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) using Google Tag Manager?

4 October 2020
Google Analytics: how to filter out traffic from logged-in admins

You don't want your Google Analytics account to track your own activity. Rather than using an IP filter, just exclude traffic from logged-in admins.

28 June 2020
Using data layer values in your Google Publisher Tag

The data layer and Google Publisher Tag key-values both pass structured data from your site to an external program. Both consist of key-value pairs.

23 August 2018
Don't install Google Tag Manager code 'as high in the <head> of the page as possible'

When you create a new Google Tag Manager container for Web, paste the installation code below your data layer code.

18 August 2018
I love Google Tag Manager but I'd love it even more with a few more tooltips

I love Google Tag Manager, but it has a steep learning curve - and the UI doesn't always help in that regard. Take, for example, the 'tag firing options' which determine how tags fire on web pages. Pretty fundamental, right? And there are only three options to choose from - Unlimited, Once per event, and […]

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