Ko-fi (pronounced co-fee not coffee) is a donation platform for creators. Competitors in this space include Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee.

As well as accepting one-off donations, Ko-fi lets you set up membership tiers and offer exclusive content to your members. You can also use Ko-fi to create a shop selling physical and digital products.

A basic Ko-fi account is completely free. To unlock extra features, you can choose between paying a 5% platform fee on donations and sales, or a small monthly subscription.

28 July 2023
Using the Ko-fi button? Here's a version that keeps PageSpeed Insights happy

Ko-fi's embeddable button triggers a warning in Google's PageSpeed Insights. Here's an alternative version that fixes the issue.

19 May 2023
Ko-fi: Quick updates vs blog posts

Donation platform Ko-fi enables its creators to create 'quick updates' and 'blog posts'. What are the differences between them?

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