LinkedIn is a social network for professional networking. But with groups, brand pages and paid promotion opportunities, there's more to LinkedIn than just creating an online version of your CV.

3 May 2023
Getting your resume filename and file format right for LinkedIn

When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, think about the file name and file format of your resume document - not just its contents.

23 March 2022
LinkedIn Audience Network: Why your LinkedIn adverts are appearing on third party sites

Most of your Sponsored Content ad impressions may be served on external sites rather than LinkedIn itself. But why, and how can you tell?

23 October 2019
How to search on LinkedIn for jobs in an exact location

How can you set LinkedIn to only show jobs in an exact location rather than within a radius? It's possible, but not as easy as you might think.

25 September 2019
Beware - LinkedIn pages only show the most recent 500 updates

There's also no way in LinkedIn 'page updates' to get analytics on anything past the most recent 500 posts.

26 August 2019
Getting a permalink to a LinkedIn page post is easy... a shame it does not include post stats

Getting a permalink to a post on a LinkedIn company or showcase page is rather obvious, but does come with one limitation - if you're an admin of that page.

19 August 2018
LinkedIn Groups to receive another overhaul in attempt to boost engagement

I set up my first LinkedIn Group back in 2010, for an employer. In the early days it was easy to grow groups - there was even a CSV upload function enabling you to mass invite users. I remember we added 177 members the day we discovered that! For the past few years though, growing […]

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