Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)

Looker Studio is Google's data visualisation and business intelligence tool. It can be used to visualise data from Google Analytics 4, YouTube and many other sources.

Originally called Google Data Studio, the tool was rebranded as Looker Studio in Q4 2022. Many of the posts on this site were written before the name change and so reference Google Data Studio.

The standard version of the tool is free to use but a paid enterprise version called Looker Studio Pro is also available. It competes with other business intelligence tools such as Power BI.

25 May 2023
How to display YouTube video published date in Looker Studio

Looker Studio's YouTube integration doesn't have a 'Date Published' field - but you can create one yourself. Here's how!

23 May 2023
Using valid country names in Looker Studio (and how to fix any errors)

How strict is Looker Studio with country names? What happens if you use an invalid name? And what should you do to fix it?

3 April 2021
Why your Google Analytics 'View' names are important... for Google Data Studio

How you name your Views in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) can help avoid confusion in Google Data Studio later on.

5 November 2020
Does Google Data Studio support oEmbed?

Data Studio Help says Google Data Studio supports oEmbed, but it is not listed as one of the providers on the oEmbed website.

11 October 2020
How to nest two (or more) REPLACE functions in one Google Data Studio formula

In Google Data Studio you can use more than one REPLACE function (or other functions if you like) within a calculated field formula. Just nest them!

31 May 2020
Applying filters to individual table columns in Google Data Studio

If you apply a filter to a table in Google Data Studio, it will filter all the data in that table. What if you only want to filter one column?

3 November 2019
Exporting viewing figures for more than 500 YouTube videos (using Google Data Studio)

YouTube Analytics is an easy way to see how many views your videos have had - but it doesn't list them all. That's where Google Data Studio comes in!

1 October 2019
Renaming fields in Google Data Studio: useful but confusing

Google Data Studio uses field names as table column titles. You can rename them, but this may cause confusion. So what's the best approach?

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