Mixpanel is a product analytics tool for websites and apps. It uses a freemium model, with a limited free plan and paid plans that scale up with the number of analytics events you capture.

Unlike Google Analytics 4, Mixpanel does not prohibit you from capturing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

I have been a Mixpanel community champion since 2021 and you may find me on the Mixpanel Slack workspace answering questions about the tool.

25 February 2024
How to filter Mixpanel reports by day of the week

Want to filter out days of the week from your Mixpanel insights report? Here's how to do it with a custom event property.

3 January 2024
Analysing screen resolutions in Mixpanel

Product analytics tool Mixpanel can help you understand what screen resolutions your users are using the most.

23 May 2023
Using valid country names in Looker Studio (and how to fix any errors)

How strict is Looker Studio with country names? What happens if you use an invalid name? And what should you do to fix it?

12 May 2021
Finding your Cohort ID in Mixpanel - via the API or the interface

Using the Cohorts feature in Mixpanel? Here's how to find your Cohort ID, both via API and in the Mixpanel interface itself.

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