Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is an online photo editor, formerly called Pixlr X. It operates on a freemium model: the free plan provides unlimited image editing but only three saves per day. For unlimited saves, a paid subscription is required.

One of the interesting features of Pixlr Express is its integrated AI image generator - this lets you generate an image from a prompt then make changes to it in the editor.

The Pixlr suite also contains Pixlr Editor, which is a more advanced image editing tool similar to Photoshop.

29 August 2023
How to generate landscape (horizontal) images with AI

Which AI image tools are best for generating landscape (horizontal) images? Here are four to choose from.

25 April 2020
The Canvas Photo Editor as an alternative to Pixlr - plus some thoughts on choosing a product

I'm a fan of free online image editors. For operations like resizing or cropping there's nothing quicker than opening a photo editor in a new browser tab.

22 September 2019
Tips for taking screengrabs of websites

Hints and tips on taking screengrabs of websites and making them look good, from free software to handy CSS.

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