Website hosting company SiteGround was founded back in 2004. It specialises in hosting for open source applications including WordPress, Joomla! and Magento. Although SiteGround is headquartered in Bulgaria, it has data centres in three continents.

If you are looking for a reliable web host with excellent support, you can't go wrong with SiteGround - they host Technically Product after all! Feel free to use my SiteGround signup link.

25 March 2024
Nameserver (NS) records not fully propagating? Try updating the primary domain

If DNS search engines are showing that your NS records are not fully propagating, there might be an easy solution.

12 May 2023
Exporting a list of all your WordPress posts (with publication dates) using SQL

Don't be daunted by SQL - it's probably the easiest way to export a list of all the posts on your WordPress site, along with metadata such as publication date.

9 May 2023
How to schedule SiteGround automated backups for a specific time of day

If you host your website with SiteGround and want daily backups to happen at a certain time each day, this guide is for you.

21 July 2019
Two WordPress websites with different domains on the same SiteGround account? Here's how

So you have one WordPress website hosted with SiteGround, and now you want to add another one to the same hosting account but with a different domain?

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