WordPress is the world's most popular content management system (or CMS), and is used by more than 30% of all websites in existence - including this one. I focus on WordPress.org, which is the open source, self-hosted version, as well as the huge ecosystem that has grown around it: plugins, themes, page builders and more.

WordPress Plugins

6 March 2024
ACF escaping unsafe HTML - how to identify affected pages

If ACF is showing a notice in WordPress about escaping unsafe HTML, you'll want to know what pages are affected and how.

13 August 2023
WordPress posts in multiple categories - how to add automatic redirects

Adding WordPress posts to more than category can cause duplicate content issues. Here's how to fix it with automatic redirects.

15 May 2023
Which wpDiscuz social providers are my commenters using for 'social login'?

If you use the WordPress comment plugin wpDiscuz for social login, here's how to see which social providers are the most popular.

12 May 2023
Exporting a list of all your WordPress posts (with publication dates) using SQL

Don't be daunted by SQL - it's probably the easiest way to export a list of all the posts on your WordPress site, along with metadata such as publication date.

8 May 2023
Why is Google Search Console detecting partial URLs for my WordPress site?

Google Search Console was detecting and listing partial URLs on my WordPress site. Here's how how I fixed this SEO issue.

29 January 2023
How to pause or freeze point scoring in GamiPress

Although there isn't an option to pause or freeze GamiPress, the same effect can be achieved by disabling all the Points Awards.

8 January 2023
WordPress 'Additional CSS' suddenly disappeared? This might be why

If your Additional CSS has suddenly disappeared from the WordPress Theme Customizer, then your new child theme might be to blame.

27 November 2020
Tracking Forminator form submissions with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

How do you track Forminator form submissions as events in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) using Google Tag Manager?

18 November 2020
Using Oxygen's Conditions to hide an element on your WordPress homepage

There's no 'homepage' condition in Oxygen as such, so how do you selectively show or hide an element on your WordPress homepage?

8 March 2020
Comment replies not working on your WordPress Oxygen website? It could be Yoast removing replytocom

If your WordPress website is built with Oxygen, you may find that the 'Reply' link underneath comments is not working. Yoast SEO may be the cause...

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