Video-sharing platform YouTube is often called the 'world's second biggest search engine'. Founded in 2005 and acquired by Google the following year, YouTube now generates billions of dollars in ad revenue each year. Its revenue-share model means that the platform also becomes an important source of income for many video creators or 'partners'.

25 May 2023
How to display YouTube video published date in Looker Studio

Looker Studio's YouTube integration doesn't have a 'Date Published' field - but you can create one yourself. Here's how!

28 March 2020
How to enable automatic mid roll ads on individual YouTube videos

When you edit a YouTube video and go to the 'monetisation' settings, you won't see 'automatic mid roll ads' listed as an option anywhere. Where has it gone?

3 November 2019
Exporting viewing figures for more than 500 YouTube videos (using Google Data Studio)

YouTube Analytics is an easy way to see how many views your videos have had - but it doesn't list them all. That's where Google Data Studio comes in!

2 November 2019
Embedding YouTube video with Oxygen WordPress sites (or, why is my video displaying at 500px max?)

If your WordPress theme does not define a Content Width, oEmbed videos default to 500px wide. Oxygen websites do not use themes, so default to this.

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